A passion for pottery

I started pottery classes quite late into my life, but I always had a passion for pottery. When my dad remarried he and his wife were given a full dinner set of brown and oatmeal pottery. I was fascinated by the patterns and colours from the glaze, the feel and […]


I have spent what seems like forever making this bad boy and finally finished him today. He is pretty huge, around 25 inches tall and about 14 inches round. He is a night light. Had a few issues with him, didn’t scrape out his nose and it blew off in […]

Mamma Pot and Makers Marks

Last week I was very excited to receive my first commission. I was given free rein to make “something for my mum’s garden for her birthday, either sculptural or practical, but reasonably priced”. Not my mum I might add! Although my mum insists that she can have anything she wants […]

Mould Making at Process Studios

On Saturday I attended a mould making workshop at Process Studios with tutor Glen Clydesdale who recently graduated from The Royal College of Art in London. We were to make a sprig mould and a one piece mould for slip casting/press casting. I’ve always been excited by making moulds but […]

Crush of the week!

Last week my tutor Yvette Orieji from South Bridge Studio Pottery arranged with Alan Freestone of Scotclay to hold a talk on glazes and a tool sale at the studio. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to attend, but I wanted lots of things, so we spoke on the phone. He was […]

2 weeks in…

Its been all go the last couple of weeks. Delivery after delivery, learning curve after learning curve, humping 200 kilos of clay up 5 fights of stairs, but all so much fun! It’s such a lovely and inspiring environment to be in and working almost full time again is very […]

Into the studio I go…

I signed my contract on 17th April with Process studios. It’s all a bit scary monsters. This week I have mostly been ordering stock, building my personal work area and getting used to the shared workshop. Its a very exciting time, but very exhausting. Looking forward to getting stuck in […]