2 weeks in…

Its been all go the last couple of weeks. Delivery after delivery, learning curve after learning curve, humping 200 kilos of clay up 5 fights of stairs, but all so much fun! It’s such a lovely and inspiring environment to be in and working almost full time again is very nice, especially when it’s for myself.
I seem to have gone pot crazy though! 24 7 pots, it keeps me awake at night!
Mostly I’ve been trying to get my throwing skills back on track. Working between 2 studios is great just now. South bridge studio Pottery is where I do my training and then my studio is where I put it into practice.
Its been really interesting working with different clay bodies and learning what they can do. I completely love Porcelain! Everyone talks about it like its made of unicorn blood or something, but I found it really easy to handle,so far!
I am currently just playing around, pushing myself daily and keeping my head down on the wheel.
My sketch book is almost full and as soon as the skills match my ideas its time to crack on.
Aside from throwing I am making test tiles to see how the clays respond to each other, slump rings for slab plates,makers stamps, all the non glamour jobs.
I have a mould making work shop next weekend which means that I can start experimenting with slip casting, but mostly I am looking forward to making hump moulds for my wall pieces.
I have lots of things to finished off at the other studio so not much to add just now, so I will say it with photos.
Oh, I forgot! One of my daughters came to the studio today and made a kiln god. He is called Travis. He will go lovely with Athena Owl when I get round to making her! Bless.