Crush of the week!

Last week my tutor Yvette Orieji from South Bridge Studio Pottery arranged with Alan Freestone of Scotclay to hold a talk on glazes and a tool sale at the studio. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to attend, but I wanted lots of things, so we spoke on the phone.
He was really helpful and informative about the different clays he makes and supplies and I happily bought a selection of clays that he felt most matched my needs, along with some super sexy tools!
I bought all sorts of useful wooden tools and ribs for throwing at very reasonable prices, but the real magic is with the clay.
All Scotclay clay is named after places in Scotland, which I love, but the joy is in the quality. As a potter of 30 years you can tell Alan knows his stuff.
After an informative discussion I bought a bag of the mull budget buff cone 8 stoneware for throwing practice, modelling and mould making, and some 5kg sample bags of Black Earthstone (both rough and smooth) for throwing and sculpture work, and 5kg of the Westray mid stone ware. I’ve been focusing on my throwing for the last week so Westray was my go to clay.
OMG! So in crush right now!
It throws like a total dream. It looks like cream and it almost handles like cream! A total joy to use, a mix of china and ball clays that fires between 1180 -1250C. The websites say it is equally as good for throwing as it is for hand building, but so far I’ve just thrown her on the wheel. Clay is a her right? I believe so. Only mother earth makes Earth glitter, which really is what clay is, minerals in different form and structure. The juice of the earth if you will, the mothers milk. Ah clay! So crushing right now.