Mamma Pot and Makers Marks

Last week I was very excited to receive my first commission. I was given free rein to make “something for my mum’s garden for her birthday, either sculptural or practical, but reasonably priced”. Not my mum I might add! Although my mum insists that she can have anything she wants due to giving birth to me! We shall see! Anyway, I had already bought a few bags of original Raku clay from Potclays which is ideal for outside work as it has superb thermal shock resistance and low shrinkage, although I don’t trust anything outside in Scottish winters, so I’ve advised putting it inside or under shelter when its gets mega cold. I am going to fire it to stoneware to bring out the fleck.
The woman who this is for is an avid gardener and as a gardener myself I always love a good pot! So I decided that a nice fat bellied number was in order.
Its still at the early stages, but I am loving the shape. I am intending to carve some flowers or reeds onto it in the next few days, but so far its looking rather lovely and I am excited so I thought I’d share. This might be a mistake, as nothing is guaranteed until its been fired, but there is always something to learn from mistakes!
I am also going to be stamping a quote from Neil Gaiman around the top as this not only reflects my client, but also the passion of gardening. I will reveal all when its finished.
I’ve also spent a few days attempting to make my own makers mark and failing miserably, so I decided to invest in one, or two!
Not all rubber stamps are suited to pottery so I bypassed most of the cheaper sites until I found one in the UK that already sold stamps to potters.
Make your mark rubber stamps Ltd are based in York, UK and were super helpful, really easy to work with, really well priced, less than £25 for the pair and a fast turn around.
I am super chuffed with them. I got one with the name of my business and I got an actual makers stamp based on a tattoo that I have on the back of my neck. They are perfect and work like a dream. If you are looking to get a makers stamp yourself I highly recommend that you give Paul from Make your Mark a call.