Mould Making at Process Studios

On Saturday I attended a mould making workshop at Process Studios with tutor Glen Clydesdale who recently graduated from The Royal College of Art in London.
We were to make a sprig mould and a one piece mould for slip casting/press casting.
I’ve always been excited by making moulds but it seemed quite daunting, but Glen really demystified the process for us and it was actually pretty simple.
In fact the most complicated part of the whole process was getting the correct volume using maths, which I am rubbish at, but even that was easy enough, Width x Depth x Height=Volume. 1.4 kilos of plaster to 1 litre of water. Easy peasy.
It’s pretty dangerous stuff though, bad for your lungs and apparently plaster burns are really, really bad so face masks and rubber gloves were used throughout the class.
Carving plaster is very therapeutic. I’d happily do it all day.
Probably the main lesson was in patience. Isn’t it always though!
Process studios hold regular workshops on all sorts of crafts such as ceramics, screen printing, textiles, woodwork and jewellery. Each department is fully equipped with all the tools you need to get you started and first class tutors with oodles of experience. They offer membership to everyone who attends a course.
The studios have a spring makers sale and workshop weekend on 28-29th May. If you are in Edinburgh it’s really worth heading down.
Next week I shall attempt to make a couple of hump moulds for my wall pieces. Fingers crossed it will be as simple when I don’t have a tutor by my side.